The Team (Click on a photo)

Harry Goring

Harry has managed the Wiston Estate for over 30 years and enjoyed chairing the regional board of the National Trust and the CLA (Country Land and Business Association).

He has been involved at every stage of the project, from planting the vines to helping out on the disgorging line. His is the steady hand on the tiller.

Pip Goring

Pip is the reason we have a vineyard and winery. Her endless enthusiasm and energy have given life to an idea that once seemed just a dream. Pip has always loved wine and food.

As well as bringing up 6 children she has run cooking courses from home, manages her family property in South Africa and prays continually for the vines, “Without the grapes we have nothing at all.”

Dermot Sugrue

Dermot is the scientific artist who has honed the unique flavours of Wiston wine. His unwavering commitment to purity and a desire to express the terroir of the vineyard makes him slightly nerve wracking for sales executives but the ideal partner for the Goring family.

He was the wine maker at Nyetimber until 2006 when he came and joined Harry and Pip to create the new winery at Wiston.

Richard Goring

Richard now manages the Wiston Estate and oversees the business development and future direction of the winery.

He was a carpenter in London before travelling throughout the west coast of Canada with his wife Kirsty, working on organic farms and vineyards.

He also chairs an environmental stewardship charity, which engages young people in the preservation and enhancement of the surrounding landscape.

Kirsty Goring

Kirsty studied history at Oxford before training at Ballymaloe cookery school in Cork, Ireland.

She set up her own catering business and worked in a London based charity, which bridged the gap between the rich and poor.

Having travelled with Richard in British Columbia she now helps him run the Estate and looks after their three sons, Finlay, Milo and Otis.

Colin Davis

Colin is one of the great tractor drivers of our time and quite possibly the most pragmatic man in Sussex.

He keeps the vineyard weed free with continual boisseleting (a Burgundian intervine cultivator) and mows, mulches and minimises the grass in our green and pleasant land.

Katie Last

Katie has gained a wealth of experience in the wine industry since completing her Wine Business degree in 2009.

She joined Wiston in 2014 and manages the Winery and Vineyard, working closely with all of the team to make sure the winery and vineyard engines purr at all times.

Katie can do things with Excel spreadsheets that Bill Gates would never have dreamed possible.

Noodles & Tara

Noodles & Tara add beauty to the winery and bring phenomenal velocity to the vineyard.

They are one of Dermot’s great loves and inspiration.