The case for magnums...

Why buy a magnum?


Aside from the obvious aesthetic advantages, (although let’s admit, they do simply look great!) magnums are widely lauded as the ‘best format’ for ageing traditional method sparkling wines. This is not simply down to enthusiastic gastronomes wanting to look generous!

There are a number of factors which mean that the magnum has a number of advantages over the normal 75cl bottle when it comes to the ageing process – and these positively impact the resulting wine.

Cuvee Magnums and Bottles
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Magnums slow down the traditional method bottle-aging process as they hold twice as much wine as a bottle, but have the same space between the bottom of the cork and the wine’s surface (called the ‘ullage’ for any geeks out there).

The resulting reduced exposure to oxygen will slow down the wine’s aging – resulting in more complex flavours. As well as this the large liquid quantity of a magnum means that they are naturally less sensitive to temperature fluctuations – which can impact wine quality.

Autolysis – the key process in traditional sparkling wine production whereby the yeast used for second fermentation in bottle breaks down and imparts flavour to the wine (bready / biscuity notes) – works  differently in a magnum to a bottle.


The process is slower (it can take up to four weeks longer in a magnum) and magnums have proportionally more glass surface than 75cl bottles – so there is more contact between lees on the inside of the bottle and the wine. This slower autolysis, and greater contact with the yeast generates more roundness and greater complexity.

But ultimately – you don’t need to worry about why the magnums taste better – just take our word for it. Treat yourselves to a few to have at special moments through the festive season.

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