Chef Series: Jesse Dunford Wood, Parlour

Helmed by the acclaimed chef Jesse Dunford Wood, the challenge of lockdown was seized as an opportunity by Parlour, located in London's Kensal Rise. The hugely popular all-day gastro-pub prides itself in making everything from scratch, from house-smoked salmon to ice-pops, pies and sushi, so were well-placed to evolve into offering a 'one-stop apocalypse shop' supplying all things consumable, including endless batches of their famous Soda Bread.

As accessible recipes go, it's up there with boiling pasta, but with all the satisfaction and crowd-pleasing kudos of fresh bread. It pairs well with anything salty and savoury, a perfect appetiser and would be happy alongside any Wiston Estate wine - though the summer of 2020 is all about that fantastic case offer on Rosé 2014, which would of course be our recommended accompaniment.

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(Makes 6ish Small Loaves)

Chef Series: Jesse Dunford Wood, Parlour 
PREPARE 30 minutes

COOK 20 minutes



375g    Plain flour – ( I have made it with brown, wholemeal or even self-raising before with little change to the final product, gluten free is never that successful though)

125g    Porridge Oats

15g      Salt (~ 2+1/4 teaspoon, level)  

15g      Bicarbonate of Soda ( ~ 1 tablespoon, level)

30g      Soft Dark Brown Sugar

375ml  Buttermilk (- or yoghurt, or milk, even soy milk works for a dairy free version)

50g      Black treacle or molasses



Mix and ball.

No particular order. Easy as that, it really is.

Either make it into 6 small loaves, or one long one.

Traditionally though it is round, cut deep into quarters, sprayed with water, then dusted heavily with flour. Bake at 220’, low fan, (or better still, no fan) so the flour doesn’t get blown off, for 17-ish minutes.

This dough keeps very well, once made. Make it, ball it and fridge for up to 5 days well covered, and bake when needed. Comes up fresh as a daisy. And delicious too.

Yesterday’s bread is literally old bread that is cut very thinly and dried out into crispy, crunchy croutons, great served with Pâté.