Bike Trails in the area

1. Shoreham to Wiston Winery
Difficulty: Hard
Bike required: MTB or gravel bike

This spin from the coast to Wiston’s new winery and visitors’ centre features stunning hilltop view of the sea and the Downs but requires a fair bit of climbing to get there! The route uses a section of the South Downs Way and then dips along well-used country tracks to North Farm without touching the very busy A24.

2. Chanctonbury Ring loop
Difficulty: Intermediate
Bike required: MTB or gravel bike

Ride through Steyning and along Mouse Lane, then up the local lookout Chanctonbury Ring with view of the Wiston House and the rest of the estate. Drop back down through Cissbury Ring to the Downslink cycle path touching Bramber and the Adur River. It’s a high-and-route, so expect some hills.

3. Brighton (or Bramber) to Rock Farm
Difficulty: Easy
Bike required: Road bike

This is flat way to go from Brighton (or somewhere closer) to the western edge of the Wiston Estate on quiet, breezy roads without the stress of the Steyning bypass or the A24. Highlights include the shady and peaceful Spithandle Lane plus the tiny lanes around Ashington before crossing over the A24. Flat is relative in West Sussex of course, but the hills are small and can be taken at your own pace.

4. The beach to Partridge Green
Difficulty: Intermediate to Hard
Bike required: Road bike

Ride from Worthing to the gorgeous views atop the South Downs, then drop down into Steyning before spinning up to Partridge Green along a hilly B road. NOTE: The route is easier going from south to north, since the climb to the top of the Downs is more gradual. Going over the Downs from the Steyning side is much steeper and only to be attempted if you like a stiff challenge! Alternately, take Annington Road toward Shoreham as a less steep alternative.