Support for winemakers

Wiston Estate has offered contract services to the English wine industry since 2008, when our own operations began, and is now one of the leading wineries in the UK. As a specialist contractor, we can offer a range of services and consultancy for winemakers looking to take the first step into the English sparkling wine market.

Contract Winemaking

To date we have supported dozens of small-and medium-sized vineyards across Southern England – including Dorset, Kent, Hampshire, Norfolk and Sussex to set up their own brands . In 2020 and 2018 we were named ‘Winery of the Year’ by WineGB for our work in this field, the second time in three years that we have won this award. In 2021 we were named WineGB’s Contract Winery of the Year.

Dermot Sugrue, the Estate’s winemaker, has worked with our partners at the winery for over 10 years. He supported the growth of our business from its origins as a 16-acre vineyard to what it is today, and his hard work and expertise continue to offer vital support for new winemakers.

We believe collaboration, rather than competition, is the best way to grow our business and learn our trade, and supporting our partners is one of the most fruitful and rewarding aspects of our work.

We would love to hear from winemakers who share our values.