PURITY of expression

Our vineyards consistently produce exceptional fruit and our winemaking philosophy is quite simply to guide it through the production process in as gentle a way possible, to allow maximum purity of expression. We press our grapes immediately after picking, extremely gently, and ferment and age the wines in barrel and in tank prior to bottling. We allow the wines to mature in our cellars for many years, monitoring them constantly. We are patient and respectful; making great quality traditional method sparkling wine takes time and fastidious attention to detail.

Wiston Winemaker, English Sparkling Wine

Meet the Winemakers, Marcus and Megan Rayner-Ward

English Sparkling Wine making at Wiston Estate

individuality of character

Our cuvées, both Vintage and Non-Vintage, express an individuality of character and singular style with every release. We strive to reflect these unique personalities in each wine, respecting their heritage, composition and identities from year to year. We have experimented broadly since our first vintage in 2008, resulting in a range of styles which showcase our wonderful terroirs at their very best. Our wines are consistently championed as the best examples of their type in the UK.


We constantly strive to make our winery processes as sustainable as possible. This translates into the winery practices which we employ. Solar panels on the roofs of our buildings help power the winery. All used corks are collected and recycled by Recorked UK. We package our cases using paper tape which can be recycled, and all the cardboard we use in the winery is either re-used or recycled. The storage sheds where our wines age are insulated as opposed to refrigerated. We minimise water use by steam cleaning tanks and equipment. Once our barrels are beyond use for winemaking we pass them onto Chalk Restaurant to use for smoking food or they are used as water butts. At the end of vintage the leftover grape  juice which cannot be used for winemaking is distilled for gin or vodka.

Pinot Noir grapes, English Sparkling Wine, Wiston Estate

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