Our story

Our family has cared for this estate, with its meadows, woodlands and buildings, and stewarded what it has produced since 1743. Kirsty and I feel passionate about nurturing this land and its communities so they continue to be a source of life for people, nature and enterprise.

Richard Goring

Years in the making

Ever since Pip Goring arrived at Wiston Estate in 1972, she dreamed of planting a vineyard to evoke her childhood in South Africa’s Western Cape.

The Goring family, Wiston Estate, West Sussex
The Goring Family at Wiston Estate

Planting began

The roots of Pip’s vision also draw on the rich history of this place. Two thousand years before Harry and Pip settled here, the Romans were the first to grow grapes on the soft chalk slopes of the South Downs.

With the support of family, the perseverance of her Huguenot ancestors and prayer, Pip’s dream became a reality. In 2006, the Goring family planted a south-facing 16-acre site with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay vines.

Bringing people together

In the same year, Harry and Pip’s son Richard moved back to the Estate with his wife, Kirsty. As newlyweds, the couple had found a new passion for the land whilst working on small scale organic farms in western Canada. They brought with them excitement to invest for the long term in the soil and the community.

Fifteen years later, Wiston Estate’s winery is a dynamic focal point for its ever-growing community, and a beacon for those who share the Gorings’ stewardship values. Since the vineyards were first planted, the Estate’s team of growers and winemakers has doubled in size. Pip’s dream was never just about making wine; it was also about bringing people together.

The Goring Family at Wiston Estate
Wiston team members working on the estate

Vision and Values

We believe that our life on the land germinates in our relationships, our history and our beliefs. Good earth is the basis we build on.

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