Harvest time on the arable farms...

With the wheat fields harvested and the grapes growing on the vines, we asked CEO Richard Goring for some words on the farming summer so far. “After an incredibly dry and hot summer, we were slightly concerned the yields and quality of the wheat, barley and oats could be adversely affected. However, as the combines started up and the grain was carted into the store, it became clear that we had been blessed with one of the best harvests in the past decade.

John from the gardens team and Chef Bradley harvesting kale.

The yields were up and slightly panicked calls ensued as the barley seemed to keep coming and the store was full. Thankfully we were able to make use of a barn at North Farm that had recently come back in hand. I can’t remember a time that we weren’t rushing to gather it in before the rain came and we were delighted to have such a long run and have it all under cover and safe before the (much needed) rain finally arrived.

Organic Wheat

All the cereals were of high enough quality to go for milling and malting and we’ll be keeping some of the organic (non-certified) spring wheat (shown in the trailer above) back to create bread for Chalk and knowing Chef Bradley, a whole host of experimental flavours from the grains. With all that has been happening in Ukraine, we’ve been reminded how important our food is and what we need to do to keep providing for people’s tables (and glasses) whilst also looking after our soils and wildlife.”

With the wheat and barley harvested we are now keeping a close eye on the vineyards. It looks like the grape harvest will be in October as usual – but the next few weeks will be absolutely key in determining the quality and quantity we can harvest. We’ll keep you updated.