Wiston's walled garden production in full swing...

We’re pretty excited about the ever growing crop supply coming out of the Wiston House walled garden. Our gardens team have been working hard all year on using this wonderful space to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers which are all used in Chalk Restaurant. It is such a great resource and allows the chefs access to super fresh and SUPER local produce. Over the last month the garden has really come into its own – here are just some of the treats which have been harvested and ferried over the hill to the kitchens…landcress, peashoots, broad beans, kale, chard, turnips, peas, raddish, green figs, cime di rape, carrots, pak choi, courgettes, beetroot, khol rabi, ice plant and pineapple sage!

John from the gardens team and Chef Bradley harvesting kale.
Garlic drying in the sunshine
Inspecting the day's harvest.

We also use the gardens to produce the lovely floral arrangements you see on the tables at Chalk and around the restaurant and shop. The team really focus on sustainable flower growing and ensure that the way they harvest and produce these flowers is environmentally friendly. It’s also important to the Chalk team that the decorations are as sustainable as the food we serve up.

Cut flower beds
Table flowers
cut flowers 1
cut flowers 2

We can’t wait to see what the changing seasons will continue to bring from the walled gardens. If you are interested in getting involved in these beautiful gardens we do accept volunteer gardening support – have a look at our Careers page for information.