Vision and Values

We believe that our life on the land germinates in the quality of our relationships.

As with the soil we tend, complexity and diversity are the humble grounding from which all else stems. Good earth is the basis we build on.

Countryside landscape

As a family and a team we are fully aware that this Estate is ours to shape. We encourage each other, and those who visit this land, to exhibit care, respect and responsibility, in all we do. We encourage our team to develop endless curiosity and explore creative ways to protect what is most precious. Whether challenging the status quo or reverting to farming techniques our forefathers used, our goal stays the same: securing the best possible environment for future rural enterprise.

We work to stewardship values, and we want to leave the Estate’s communities, wildlife and land in better health for the next generation. We want to gather round the table all those who share our love of the land and the bounty it continues to produce, after all these centuries.

Whether people spend hours or years on the Estate, we want them to celebrate nature in its full glory and cultivate a love of the natural world.

We know we can only fulfil this vision if we remain open to the help, expertise, and ideas of those we have not yet met. Our desire is for this Estate to be a place of hospitality in its fullest sense: to extend a welcome to all.