The Land

Flourishing landscapes

“What I stand for is what I stand on.” Wendell Berry

The story of land is one that we start in the middle of. The estate’s 6,000 acres range from the chalky slopes of the South Downs to the sand beds at the coast, back up to the weald clay at our northern boundary.

For centuries the land Wiston Estate now stands on has been a place for people. Chanctonbury Ring, planted by our ancestor Charles Goring, was the site of an Anglo-Saxon settlement, and Romans planted vines in downland valleys. Today, our Estate comprises 14 farms, 2,000 acres of pasture and over 100 homes, and we are criss-crossed with 58km of footpaths and bridleways.

But our land is not just a place for people. Some 1,200 acres of woodland cover Wiston Estate, and our 75km of hedges are home to a number of British birds, insects and animals. Nature is vital to rural enterprise, and in all our work we strive to reciprocate the gifts of the land. Partnerships with our communities, and with charities like the Steyning Downland Scheme, help us work collaboratively and with a long-term perspective on change.

We aim to restore relationships between people, nature and land. With the support of our community and visitors, we make the most of our natural and made means and generate the widest benefit for all.

As we try to make the best decisions for the different habitats on the estate, understanding the habitat we have already is key. View our habitat map.

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Our Vineyards

The location, the vines, the soil

Our Vineyards

Modern enterprise in an ancient landscape, our vineyards express our love of nature. Wiston Estate’s downland is a unique environment in which winegrowing can flourish.

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The Farm

Unearthing potential

The Farm

Though we have moved from oxen to tractors, our aim remains the same: to grow food well whilst nurturing the soil on which our farming and the local community depend.

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The Vision

Our mission

Vision and values

As with the soil we tend, complexity and diversity are the grounding from which all else stems. Good earth is the basis we build on and its importance is paramount on the estate.

Vision and values